Drill & Fill using recycled tire crumb rubber

The Drill and Fill process is accomplished by drilling 8 inch deep and 1.25 inch wide holes in the compacted soil, and filling those “tubes” with a mixture of sand and recycled crumb rubber.

Many parks and sports fields are used for several different activities in a short period of time. This excessive use prevents the turf from recovering from each use. The accumulative effect is that the soil gets compacted, and the ability of the roots to absorb water, air and nutrients are greatly reduced. This weakens the plant, and makes it more susceptible to damage over a short period of time.

Hope Chapel, Ontario California.Drilling bits
Compacted Soil                                                                Drills and Filling tubes

The Drill and Fill process has been scientifically proven to increase water infiltration by as much as 300%. The root zone will have the ability to absorb water, air and food more effectively. We have observed three times the root mass after the process. A stronger root mass makes a healthier and more durable plant; this gives the plant the ability to withstand more abuse due to excessive use of the turf.

Drill and fill in actionAfter 3 weeks
Drill and Fill machine in action                                        After 3 weeks

The reduction in watering of up to 50% will assist in compliance with drought water management and other mandates.