Recycling Used Tires FAQs

What are some innovative ways tires can be recycled?

There are currently at least 100 products that contain recycled tire rubber. Currently the largest markets of recycled tire rubber go into mulch, flooring and matting, civil engineering fill, and roads.

Currently many state departments of transportation are integrating rubber into asphalt used for highway construction. Other products may include traffic drums, shooting range barriers, roofing tiles, erosion control barriers, handbags, sandals, and belts.

What is the status of scrap tire rubber used in highways?

About 12 million scrap tires are used in highways. Arizona is the current leading user while others such as California, Connecticut, New York, Nevada, and Texas are having positive experiences. Rubberized asphalt pavement are shown to have a lower life-cycle cost than other conventional types.

Could used scrap tires be made into new tires?

A small amount of recycled rubber is used a filler material in a new tire. However due material differences and quality constraints, it can only be used in a minimal amount for new tires.

Do recycled rubber products harm the environment when coming in contact with soil and water?

Currently there is no evidence showing any threat to the environment or human health compared to other conventional products.

What is TDF?

TDF stands for Tire Derived Fuel in which rubber is used to replace or compliment other fuel sources for manufacturing facilities like paper mills, cement kilns, and other boilers or waste incinerators.

Why recycle instead of using it for TDF?

The preferred management for solid waste is first waste prevention, followed by recycling, then incineration as fuel, and finally land disposal. TDF should only be considered when tires cannot be completely recycled. Recycling would conserve materials saving new resources from being used while protecting the environment.

Other than rubber, what else is derived from tires?

The two other main materials are steel and fiber that can be reused in other applications requiring the material.

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