Rubber reInvented

It makes sense both environmentally and financially to recycle and reuse. With rising oil and raw material costs, reRubber is reinventing the way we use fine mesh crumb rubber. Utilizing over 15 breakthrough US patents, reRubber has successfully created multiple new types of rubberized coatings for green building, infrastructure and automotive markets.

The formula used in developing reRubber’s specialty coatings contains recycled rubber densely suspended in a water-based, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, acrylic liquid. The recycled tire rubber particles create a totally waterproof and incredibly durable surface. Typically, traditional acrylic paints have lacked the strength for rugged outdoor applications but with the inclusion of recycled rubber and glass we have been able to make a product that is highly durable, flexible, incredibly weather resistant, and easy to apply.

Another breakthrough came in the form of tire sealant. Whether you have a car, SUV or truck, our tire sealant will increase the reliability and safety of your vehicle. The formula coats the inside of your tire preventing air leakage, tire blowouts and flats caused by punctures and accidents. This also extends the tire life and increases gas mileage by keeping tires at optimal inflation, saving money and the environment.

Automotive Coatings

reRubber Automotive Coating products are made with recycled rubber particles. The rubber in our products comes from California recycled waste tires. In the U.S. alone, there are nearly one billion used tires that are stockpiled in landfills with hundreds of millions of tires being discarded annually. We are committed to waste tire diversion efforts and are continuously improving our products to include more rubber and achieve better functionality.

reRubber Tire Sealant

reRubber Tire Sealant information page

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