reRubber Tire Sealant

Whether you have a car, SUV or truck, this sealant will increase the reliability and safety of your vehicle. The formula coats the inside of your tire, which prevents air leakage, tire blowouts and flats caused by punctures and accidents. This also extends your tire life and increases your gas mileage by keeping tires at optimal inflation, which saves you money.

How does reRubber Tire Sealant work?

When punctures occur, the tire pressure forces the tire sealant into the wound, sealing instantaneously around the penetrating object. If the object self extracts, then as the tire rotates, the tread area is deformed when it comes in contact with the road surface. This fills the puncture wound using the air pressure within the tire.

Is reRubber Tire Sealant Safe?

reRubber Tire Sealant is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. This tire sealant complies with all Toxic Substance Authority requirements, and its main ingredient is an additive found in many food products.

What about extreme temperatures?

reRubber Tire Sealant has been extensively tested by RAPRA (Rubber and Plastics Research Association) and is certified to -45 degrees without freezing and remains stable at temperatures up to 155 degrees fahrenheit.

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